Recap: Dec. 14 – 19

December 19, 2009 at 12:22 pm (Colombia)

Whew, school is completely done for the year. It’s been a whirlwind of a week and I kind of feel like I could sleep for a couple days straight. Here’s the recap:

Monday – High school had a “regular schedule” while the elementary students did a run-through of their end-of-the-year presentation. Some professors might have been having actual class, but I pretty much played games and watched movies with my students.

Tuesday – This time it was high school that rehearsed their big production while the younger kids were in the classroom.

Wednesday – I officially appointed myself school photographer and shot as much as I could of the practices, class Christmas parties and other goodness. I’m hoping to throw some pics up here in the next few days.

Thursday – I joined grades 10 and 11 for their class Christmas party and tried some more Colombian food. Elementary students had the day off, and in the evening they charmed us all with their plays and dances. Seriously, you can put any kid under eight years old in a shepherd costume and they’ll get a standing ovation even if they don’t say a word.

Friday – The big night: high school’s presentation. I helped pin hair and cover the angels in glitter, then snapped away as the students performed their theatre and dance productions. They were phenomenal! Everyone loved the video newscast our English elective kids pulled off as well. I was so proud. I’m hoping to get some video clips up on here sometime soon as well.

Saturday – The parents stopped by the school in the morning to pick up the students’ report cards. I only had one parent approach me with questions about her son’s grade, which was kind of a relief. Another parent asked me to give private English lessons to his daughter and wife. And that was the last of my teacher obligations for this year.

I’m heading out to Peru on Monday, and since I don’t expect to have much internet access I’ll advise you not to expect any updates for a while. But I’ll try to have some photos of the fabulous adventures of Sheri and Cher on here as soon as possible. Peace!


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