Let it snow …

December 9, 2009 at 3:34 pm (Random, Rants)

It’s snowing in Ottawa.

Since I’m fairly close to the equator, I don’t expect to see any of the white stuff until next winter, and the thought is bumming me out, I’m not going to lie.

Though I don't miss the cold that forced me to don this parka when I was up north, I do miss the beautiful snow!

Sure, I complain about the season as much as anyone – the icy roads, turtle-paced snowplows, taking 10 minutes just to put on outdoor gear to walk to the car, shoveling the stuff, drivers without winter tires, scraping the windshield in chilly mornings, and the list goes on. But despite all the downsides, I thoroughly enjoy the changing of the seasons and the first few snowfalls are no exception.

I don’t appreciate five months of freezing cold weather, but I absolutely love lacing up my skates and racing across the canal, flying down a hill on a crazy carpet with my younger siblings, the odd snowball fight, talking about snowboarding or skiing and every couple of years actually hitting the slopes.

And besides just being the weather, it’s also the atmosphere. I was out the other night looking at Christmas decorations around the city, and it just didn’t feel right without some white stuff on the ground to go along with it. I’m definitely laking some Christmas spirit without the snow – though the fact that I’m miles from home and not doing any shopping could be part of the reason as well. Even Christmas carols sound different when played while I’m sitting outside under a palm tree in a tank top.

All of this is to say: appreciate the snow! Give it some love! Roll around in it! I’d do it myself if I could.



  1. David Wood said,

    What a beautiful picture Cheryl. You’re absolutely right. Even as I was clearing snow off the car yesterday and spinning tires going up the hill on my street, I thought, what a great country Canada is. I love the changing of the seasons, even the longing for the next one. It is a brilliant part of life here. There were huge flakes falling last night on a blanket of about 10 cm of fresh snow. The Christmas lights reflecting on all of this as darkness fell was a breath taking sight. I empathise with you that, even though a change is nice, there really is no place like home, especially if it is in Canada. I will however, continue to enjoy your pictures of mountains and lush greenery as I strain to scrape the stubborn ice off my windshield in sub zero temperatures. But, I will have a warm glow somewhere inside that whispers, “Only in Canada, eh!”

  2. andrewbpaterson said,

    The winter definitely makes me appreciate summer that much more.
    And it definitely FEELS more like Christmas.

    I was thinking today about the Spanish version of “White Christmas”…
    Ahhhh Blanca Navidad, sueño

    What Spanish speaking person really knows about white Christmases?
    Spain? I doubt it…
    Latin America, or Mexico? No way…
    The only ones might be Argentinians…and only those living in the South!

    Like your post, you can tag this comment as “rant”!

  3. Sheena said,

    Hey Cheryl!
    I will play in the snow for you! I have already! I was talking to Jen just the other day about basically the same thing. I dont think I could go a “winter” without snow!
    It looks like you are having an amazing time so don’t worry the snow will be here next year for you! That’s one of the great things about Canada even if it comes late the snow will fall!!!
    Miss you! Love reading about your adventures! Stay safe!

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