Recap: Nov. 29 – Dec. 5

December 5, 2009 at 2:53 pm (Colombia)

Another week … only two more to go and school will be finished for Christmas break. Only 16 more days until I’m on my way to Peru!

Sunday – I spent part of the afternoon after church finishing some grading forms and putting all the formulas into my computer … which I learned later wasn’t necessary. Well, at least I’m prepared for next period. And I feel like I know how to use spreadsheets properly now.

Monday – Rehearsals for the school’s dance production take 2/3 of my grade 11 class on Mondays now, so I just play games with the students who are left, which makes for an easy afternoon.

Tuesday – I learned that the deadline for the grades I had worked my butt off completing on the weekend was postponed until next Monday. So, I again readjusted my plans for the week and managed to cram a few more assignment deadlines in so I could mark them for the first period.

Wednesday – The sunset was gorgeous, so I decided to watch it from further up the mountain. Here’s a photo of the beauty – which I will never get tired of no matter how long I’m here.

I'm definitely going to miss the mountains ...

I'm definitely going to miss those peaks ...

Thursday – The day of chaos: presentations from eighth grade. Theatre practice pulling kids from my classes. Four hours of filming for our elective’s end-of-year project. Running after Dana when she escaped from the house. Turning a skipping rope for seventh grade during recess. Chasing down a lost ball on the mountain. Basically, I did a decent amount of running around during the day, but I’ll spare you further details.

Friday – We spent another four hours filming students for our video project, which may or may not end up here on this blog. The only regular class I had was with eleventh grade and we watched a movie. It was nice to have a more relaxing day for a change, though being outside taping clips was seriously hot.

Saturday – I was woken up around 5:30 a.m. from loud bangs, louder than gunshots. I figured out the noise was fireworks across the valley (sound carries like crazy between our mountain and the other one), but I was unable to determine why they were being set off so freakin’ early on a Saturday morning.


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  1. Mel said,

    It seems like deadlines and plans change all the time there! That must require a lot of flexibility; I think I would find it frustrating.

    Thursday definitely sounds like it was a chaotic day. I bet you slept well that night! :-)

    And crazy fireworks! I don’t always appreciate waking up early to Jacob’s noises, but they don’t really compare to fireworks. Usually.

    Miss you, Cheryl! Hope you have an equally productive/restful weekend!

    P.S. Did you find a new power cord for your MacBook yet? Chad has had to order several new ones, as well. Big nuisance.

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