Recap: Nov. 22 – 28

November 28, 2009 at 11:35 am (Colombia)

Wow, another week gone. I hope you’re all still enjoying my regular updates of life here in Cali … they definitely make me realize how fast time is going by.

Sunday – Let’s just say, I am very thankful there are other Mac users here. The power cord for my MacBook stopped working on Saturday, causing a mild panic … especially since I have a deadline on Monday for a bunch of school stuff. The pastor’s daughter loaned me hers, but I need to go buy a new one this week. I’m also thankful there is actually a Mac store in Cali.

Monday – I spent the entire afternoon after school writing and translating (with help) my logros – basically all the standards that students have to meet in order to achieve a certain grade level. Thrilling.

Tuesday – Sarah took me grocery shopping! It probably doesn’t sound that exciting to most people, but it’s been three months since I bought groceries for myself and it was nice to regain that little bit of independence.

Wednesday – At the beginning of the year, we were given the dates for the three periods of our school year. This period ends when classes finish for the Christmas break … except not really. I discovered that all of our grades have to be in to the office in one week, which essentially means our period ends on Friday and all marked work after that goes into the next one. I work well with deadlines, I really do – I just appreciate knowing what they are more than a week ahead of time, especially when it requires massive amounts of work.

Thursday – I assigned my Grade 9 class a project this week: creating a newspaper. They are all writing articles and drawing comic strips and other random things. Democratic as we are, we took a vote on the name and ended up with The Hot Empenada. I’m having fun planning the layout and overseeing the content. It sort of made me realize that I do miss production days at my old job … a little.

Friday – I made progress on compiling grades for my classes, but I also read Macleans and watched a movie. Generally, I strive to be productive at all times. But when I’m given a long to-do list, I suddenly find I’m pro at procrastinating. Something is wrong with this picture.

Saturday – Though that massive amount of work still awaits, I always keep Saturday mornings open for a run and cleaning the house. That’s done, but my biggest accomplishment of the day so far was making a giant jug of lulo juice … mmmm.


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  1. David Wood said,

    Still enjoying your blogs Cheryl. Everything from your fresh squeezed juice to your poitical satire reeks of wonderent and fresh discovery. God has so obviously given you a gift that allows us all to share in your journeys in a most enjoyable way. Pray he continues to keep you safe and gives you continued wisdom to discern and sort out the many experiences he has allowed you. Love from home.
    Dave & Sandy

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