Change of plans

November 2, 2009 at 1:22 pm (To do before I die, Travel)

One of the two main reasons I decided to hop over to Peru while I’m in South America instead of another country was to visit a girl I have sponsored for the last several years (the other reason is Machu Picchu). It’s also on my list of things to do in life.

But this morning I received the disappointing news that the organization – which is phenomenal, by the way – I sponsor Belen through is closed for an entire month over Christmas, and no one is available to take me to visit her. I guess it was to be expected that holidays would impact when I could see her, but it’s too bad it’s not even an option at all.

Belen will be 12 in November. I began sponsoring her at least five years ago (probably more) and we have exchanged dozens of letters and several photos over the years. Our correspondence has been especially exciting lately because I can read her original writing rather than relying on the translation to understand her note. She always signs off with something along the lines of “with a big hug and kiss” and I would love to give her a real hug someday.

I guess I’ll just have to return to Peru eventually.


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