Recap: Oct. 26 – 31

October 31, 2009 at 12:31 pm (Colombia)

Here’s my weekly recap:

Sunday – I ate buffalo for the first time on an excursion with the pastor and her daughter. Not going to lie, it was pretty delicious.

Mmmm .... buffalo.

Mmm .... buffalo.


I also made a friend in a live (and we think quite pregnant) buffalo.

Monday – The tenth grade students continue to sing to me on a regular basis. They have added a word: “Oh, Miss Cheryl Brink …”

Tuesday – My class on gerunds and infinitives turned into a “learn about Cheryl” hour.

Wednesday – I had an interesting debate with Grade 10 about the existence of an invisible parallel universe.

Thursday – All of my classes went quite well, but by the time the final bell rang I was feeling pretty much like crap. With so many students sick over the last few weeks, I shouldn’t have been surprised I caught something. I decided to skip the run I had planned and took a nap inside.

Friday – I went to Cali’s Gospel Festival with some friends. It was an evening of fun Colombian live music in an outdoor theatre … great times! We ate stuffed arepas afterwards, which were delicious. I don’t know if there has been anything I’ve eaten here that I didn’t like at least a little.

Saturday – My throat is still sore but I’m feeling better and managed to run a slow 5K this morning. I now have to mark projects and do other teaching-related activities.


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  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    Running is awesome.

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