News flashes

October 29, 2009 at 6:31 pm (News, Politics)

I have been severely lacking in the newsy blog posts lately, and I am way overdue for a rant, but time has been in short supply lately … as well as internet I can depend on. The latter problem seems to have been resolved; as for the former … not so much. But for now, here are a couple news bites that caught my attention this week.

  • Another foot has washed ashore in British Colombia. This is the seventh in two years to show up on a random beach in a sneaker. Police are still puzzled as to where they are coming from and what caused the death of the people the feet used to be attached to. I blogged about this last spring when a few feet washed up within a couple weeks of each other. It’s a disturbing trend and quite the mystery.
  • An Ekos poll was released yesterday, showing the Conservatives are still on the upswing while the Liberals are doing worse than the NDP in a couple provinces. Here’s Kady O’Malley’s analysis of the new numbers.
  • There’s a pretty good chance the National Post is going to fold due to its massive losses over the last few years, unless CanWest can shift it to another part of the company that can support it financial. Apparently the newspaper with 277 employees has never made a profit since it began printing 11 years ago.

And that’s all for now, folks. What news have you been reading lately?



  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    277…that seems excessive.
    How many employees would a newspaper joint normally need? How many were at your KanataKourier? What about the OttawaCitizen? Not that comparing those three would be apples to apples, per se.

  2. Cheryl said,

    Yeah, you really can’t compare them.
    The Citizen covers just Ottawa (with national and international news usually coming from wire sources, etc), the Kourier is a weekly community paper with two full-time editorial staff. The National Post is a national daily paper, with a large web presence as well. With all the management, reporters, advertising staff, online and technical people, 277 sounds about right.

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