Recap: Oct. 18 – 24

October 24, 2009 at 11:27 am (Colombia)

Another week has come and gone. It’s ridiculous how quickly time is passing by here in Colombia. My schedule doesn’t change, but every day is different from all the days before it. There’s virtually no opportunity for the routine to become mundane. Here’s what happened in the last seven days:

Sunday – There’s an older woman in the church who always makes a point of greeting me before the service. She gives me a huge hug and tells me that she loves me. I don’t even know her name, and it’s possible those three words are all she knows how to say in English, but it totally makes my morning. 

Monday – I gave Grade 11 a make-up assignment for the apparently ridiculously hard test from last week, which half of them failed.

Tuesday – I missed the memo that all the teachers should start wearing their uniforms now, after six weeks of school. I stared down a defiant four-year-old in kindergarten.

Wednesday – I was sung to by one of my Grade 10 students. It went something like: “Oh, Miss Brink …. Oh, Miss Brink.” I was entertained.

Thursday – I found peanut butter in the store and was totally willing to pay the outrageous price for the taste of home. But then I went back to Emilse’s and made arepas, drank lulo and felt Colombian.

I love lulo.

I love lulo.

Friday – Began my brainwashing … I mean, teaching … of the students in our elective course about journalism. Lesson one: taking notes.

Saturday – I have to seriously begin planning how to help my Grade 11 class rock the English portion of their national testing in April (the Colombian version of the SATs).



  1. Sharon Mathewson said,

    What is lulo Cheryl? Looks cappucino-like? Looks all foamy and yummy! :)

  2. Cheryl said,

    Lulo is actually a fruit, so it’s juice I’m drinking. It is definitely foamy and yummy. :)

  3. Jason said,

    An elective course in journalism? When did that start? Very cool.

  4. Jason said,

    what’s lulo?

  5. Jason said,

    oh, just saw above post =)

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