Recap: Sept. 27 – Oct. 3

October 3, 2009 at 1:13 pm (Colombia, News) ()

Here’s a quick recap of the events of my week:

Sunday – had a skype conference call with my entire family … we’re currently in four different countries, four time zones and three continents.

Monday – forgot to collect homework I assigned my eighth grade students. I was handed two pieces of mail when I arrived at school in the morning – yay!

Tuesday – helped kindergarten kids build sand castles.

Wednesday – had a mini Bible study with ninth grade and was impressed by their insights.

Thursday – met with the other high school teachers after classes to talk about how to prep the graduating class for the national exam (the Colombian version of the SATs). After a diagnostic test, we discovered they are all struggling in physics but rocking the mathematics. As for English, I have almost a completely split class – half are practically bilingual, half can barely carry a conversation. It will be interesting.

Friday – played a game in the English elective in which I had to chose the ideal job out of five options; I picked president. In the evening there was a lightning storm that lasted nearly three hours and I set a new personal record: 1,800 photos in 45 minutes.  Four or five of those captured lightning, and there is one I’m super proud of (to be posted at a later date).

Saturday – the day isn’t over but I’ve spent most of it so far writing out my class plans for October. I’m really hoping I have some internet tonight so I can listen in to the Ottawa Senator’s season opener. GO SENS!



  1. blair said,

    I have Daniel Alfredsson in my pool!

  2. AndrewP said,

    • I like your Sunday activity – y’all’re a 21st century family, that’s for sure! We’re all split up too – my brother’s currently in Tunisia, my dad’s in Kenya, and my mom’s in Costa Rica. The only difference, though, is that we don’t do SKYPE conference calls…sounds cool!
    • I like your Wednesday activity – you can’t go wrong with that.
    • I like your Saturday activity – GO SENS!!!

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