If I had 36 million dollars

September 30, 2009 at 10:40 am (News, To do before I die, Travel)

If I won the lottery, say $36 million or something like that, I know exactly what I would do with it.

I would travel to space.

The billionaire founder of Canada’s Cirque du soleil will rocket to international attention after blasting off into outer space to host one of the most unique spectacles in human history …

He started as a street juggler and fire-eater and, because he was the best at math among his group of performing friends, Laliberte was put in charge of a little performing troupe that would eventually become the world-famous Cirque du soleil.

That business venture helped Laliberte become wealthy enough to plunk down $US35 million for a seat on an old Russian spacecraft and a stay aboard the International Space Station.

This guy is definitely my hero of the day. How cool would staying on the International Space Station be? Even just the travel to and from earth would be freakin’ amazing.  I may have to make my list 101 things to do before I die … or 102, cause I don’t actually play the lottery.

The only problem with an adventure like this: you could never do anything to top it.


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