Voting from abroad

September 2, 2009 at 12:01 pm (News, Politics) (, )

A fall election, eh? What else is new.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has said he can no longer support the current government and is planning to remove his party’s support to force a vote.

I think it’s a mistake, all around. Check out newfcollins‘ argument against it, which I heartily agree with. I don’t understand how Ignatieff thinks he is going to win, even if history has shown that Canadians rarely re-elect the government after a recession. 

I’d really prefer there wasn’t an election while I’m not in the country; it’s quite the process to participate from abroad. But I will, I can assure you. As long as mail is on time, my vote will be counted – as all Canadian’s should be. I’d rather not have to deal with requesting the package and sending my response back, but Ignatieff can’t turn back now. He’s back-peddled too many times already. 

Four elections in five years is simply ludicrous. And I don’t think this one will accomplish anything, other than costing taxpayers millions, providing airtime for politicians to throw mud at each other, and generally wasting all of our time. If the vote were tomorrow, I’d predict another Conservative minority. 

What do you think?


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  1. Cheryl said,

    Finally! The poll I was waiting for! Check this out:
    So ……. this election will basically prove nothing. Awesome!

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