Facebook vs. Canada

August 28, 2009 at 4:46 pm (News)

Despite being on another continent, I’m still keeping up with local and national news in Canada, as well as updating myself on the happenings in Colombia.

So I was aware when Facebook announced they will be updated their privacy regulations to make Canada happy.

I’m impressed.

I’m not paranoid or anything, but I’m very careful not to add applications to my Facebook that allows third parties access to my personal information. All of my privacy settings are at the very highest, or close to it.

I’m fairly certain most people don’t realize what they’re doing when they accept every application request they receive, sending their information (and often their friends’) to developers and who knows who else.

Good for Canada, standing up and saying something about the issue. Sure, I’d rather see them put their energy into solving world hunger or ending genocide rather than spend a year investigating a social networking site, but it’s a start.

I’m even more impressed with Facebook’s response, promising to change their regulations and ensuring the application developers do the same.


1 Comment

  1. Ryan said,

    Lots of buzz around work regarding this… definitely think it’s cool to see our old Government getting some stuff done about these new technologies.

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