Roller coaster ride

August 7, 2009 at 11:02 am (Colombia, Travel)

I am scheduled to leave for Colombia in less than two weeks now. I’m super excited, but the quasi-stressful preparations have made the process quite a roller coaster.

I still don’t have my visa. The consulate needs more paperwork, which is making my departure date much less concrete. I’m not a fan of last-minute stuff … 

Yesterday I finished moving out of the pink-shuttered house in Ottawa – my room is now bare and, well, no longer my room. I’m officially in transition, without really a home anywhere. It’s nice to have all of my stuff in one place again, though that place is a complete disaster at this point. Eventually I’ll be all organized and packed.

Only 13 days to go … (if all goes as planned)



  1. Emily said,


    You are without a house, not a home. Home is where the heart is :) Hope everything falls into place for you over the next two weeks and PROMISE you’ll register as a Canadian Abroad. I think you can even do it online.


  2. Cheryl said,

    Em, that’s very true. And yes, I already registered as a Canadian abroad … my government knows what’s up even if the Colombian one doesn’t, haha. Thanks. :)

  3. blair said,

    If you have troubles with visa you should consider switching to mastercard. (Consulate humour — it’s an aquired taste).

  4. newfcollins said,

    Blair is funny.

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