Introducing Eduardo

July 27, 2009 at 9:00 am (Colombia, Travel)

I have a new favourite thing.

Instead of buying a ginormous suitcase for the big move to Colombia, I decided to invest in an expedition-type backpack. This way, if my goal of hiking the trail to Machu Piccu is realized, I will be good to go. I expect it to inspire future adventures as well.

I named it Eduardo. Yes, I name things – like my camera, car and computer. I chose Eduardo because it means “guardian of prosperity”, and I thought it was a nice way of calling it “holder of all my stuff.”


My new favourite thing



  1. Kristin said,

    I hope that you and Eduardo have many wonderful adventures together!

  2. Kristy-Ann said,

    awww yay! you named it! so excited to start hearing about your new adventures with Eduardo! :)

  3. newfcollins said,

    What’s the name of your computer?

  4. Cheryl said,

    My Mac laptop’s name is Dutchess. :)

    I didn’t name my work computer, since it’s not mine and all … though, that didn’t stop me from naming my roommate’s car. It’s Miles, by the way. Clever, eh?

  5. newfcollins said,

    Not bad. I would have come up with something more clever for a car.

    Since it’s a Cavallier, I would have named it “Lebron.”

    Come on, you can’t top that.

  6. Blair said,

    Excellent choice.

  7. Rachel said,

    Eduardo, eh? I like it. Are you going to shorten it to “Ed”? My laptop’s Cogita – she and Duchess will need to be introduced one day. :)

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