Discussing the border dispute

July 9, 2009 at 3:45 pm (News) ()

The border between Cornwall and Massena has been closed for a month and a half now. I hope good news will come out of this (from the Canadian Press):

CORNWALL, Ont. — An aboriginal spokesman says a meeting is scheduled today between the federal border agency and Akwesasne leaders to discuss temporary options to reopen a border crossing near Cornwall, Ont.

The Canadian Border Services Agency shut down its post on Cornwall Island, which sits inside Akwesasne, on June 1 after border guards expressed concerns about their safety following native protests over arming guards.

Akwesasne spokesman Brendan White says Grand Chief Mike Mitchell was to meet in Ottawa this afternoon with the CBSA after a tentative agreement reached Tuesday was scuttled by the union representing border guards.

White says terms of the tentative agreement reached Tuesday included an eight month “test period,” in which the border crossing would be relocated.

Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger says although he is not directly involved in talks, he continues to speak with both sides and expects an update after talks close.

Kilger says he hopes border activity will resume soon because the closure has negatively affected tourism and businesses in the area.


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