Learning a second language

June 29, 2009 at 9:12 am (To do before I die, Travel)

Buenois dias.

Number 18 on my life to-do list is learn either Spanish or French. I picked Spanish … and started working on it a couple of months ago.

I bought Rosetta Stone and borrowed a couple of vocabulary books from my cousin, who decided to learn the language for fun about a year ago. Rosetta Stone is amazing. The computer program doesn’t have any translation, which basically forces the student to learn to think in Spanish, immersed in the language.

I'm learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone on my computer.

I'm learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone on my computer.

I’m not going to lie – I love it! It’s interesting, and I definitely think I’m making progress, but it’s also pretty slow going. I can almost feel my brain expanding when I’m doing my lesson every day. I try and work on it for about 20 minutes every morning, but I’m not always consistent. I’ve also been listening to Spanish television and music, and reading Spanish materials online and in print. Eventually I’ll be fluent …

So … you may be asking why Spanish? why now?

Oh, I have a very good reason. A very exciting reason …

… that I’ll tell you all about tomorrow. ;)



  1. blair said,

    I already know. You plan to lead a Spanish-version of The Spice Girls. Your stage name will be Parachute Spice or Cliffhanger Spice.

  2. newfcollins said,

    That would be Parachute Especia, or Cliffhanger Especia.

    I like the cliffhanger ending. I wonder what it could be….

  3. Kevin said,

    Hey Cheryl… I was wondering… What level do you have of the Rosetta Stone? I was looking up on Amazon, and there’s like, 3 levels, right? Did you get all three, or just the first one, or the first and second…. ?

    I’m thinking I might wanna learn French over the summer, and that seems like the best way to go..

    • Cheryl said,

      Hey Kev, I bought all three levels … but I’m only about halfway through the first one so far. So I’d say start with level one for the summer, unless you’re planning to keep working on it over the long term, then all three is the best deal. Make sure you check the Rosetta Stone website for prices too – I looked at Amazon and some other sites, but some places were actually more expensive then the official website.

  4. » Accessible publishing Decompression illness said,

    […] Learning a second language […]

  5. best4future said,

    When I learned English as a second language, I used a lot of audio books. They are really helpful!

    Right now I am teaching my baby to learn Chinese, hoping she will become a bilingual in the future. I think audio books will be beneficial to her to learn Chinese too!

  6. best4future said,

    Glad to find another person who promotes bilingual life. Me too! I am a big fun of bilingual education, bilingual parenting, and bilingual life as you are. Right now I am teaching my baby to learn Chinese, hoping she will become a bilingual in the future.

    Can we exchange link? My reciprocal link goes like this:

    Best4Future Blog: Bringing up baby bilingual!
    Devoted to bilingual learning, parenting and teaching!

    You can submit your link at http://www.best4future.com/blog and click “links”. Thank you!

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