Hawaiian flora and fauna

November 22, 2008 at 7:27 am (Photos, Travel) ()

This place is absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. Stunning. I could go on … and run out of words to describe it. The water is sparkling blue; the greenery extremely lush and bright; the dirt a PEI kind of red; the beaches filled with rich, white sand.

Here’s a few photos of the plants and animals that thrive on Kauai:


Palm trees! There are so many different type and they are everywhere on the island.


A Portugese Man-O-War – not a jellyfish. It’s pretty painful if one of these guys stings you.


An overripe bitter melon … we didn’t try it. Aren’t the colours phenomenal?


A monk seal. Apparently these are pretty special, as they set up fences around them to ensure people don’t get too close. I think they might be allergic to people – this one looked right at me and started sneezing.


This is hala … kind of looks like a giant aloe plant. People dry the leaves and use them for weaving things – after taking the little spikes off.

More photos to come later!


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