Kauai, here I come

November 8, 2008 at 9:24 am (To do before I die, Travel) ()

I am going to Hawaii. Finally!

This trip has been in the back of my mind for months, but last night the dates were finalized and tickets booked. I am freaking out excited. I’m taking off from Buffalo on November 17 – only nine days from now!

My cousin, the lovely Christine, is staying on Kauai for five months, working as a nanny/teacher/chauffeur for a family with 10 kids. Therefore, I have a free place to stay and a way to get around, since she also has a vehicle at her disposal. What could be better? Oh, the fact that my two other cousins, Abby and Maria, are also coming along! Flying for 14 hours is going to be a blast with that duo.

This will be the farthest I’ve ever travelled. I calculated using the fabulous Google Earth, and Hawaii is about twice as far as anywhere I have been before – about 7,800 kilometres from Ottawa.

So, what will I do while I’m there? Other than lie on a gorgeous white sandy beach and visit waterfalls, here are a couple of items on my life to do list that I may attempt to accomplish:

12. Ride in a helicopter – They have great heli tours of Kauai, it’s just a little pricey.
16. Go parasailing – For some reason there are no parasailing places on Kauai, but if we make it to Oauhu, then I’ll have to look into this some more.
20. Climb a palm tree – This is going to happen. I’ll take photos to prove it.
74. Go surfing in Hawaii or Australia – Need I say more?

Tours of Pearl Harbour and volcanos are also possibilities. I am going to be a busy girl during those fabulous 10 days. Any other suggestions? Are you completely jealous yet or should I go on?



  1. blair said,

    101. Rent a red 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS and cruise the streets of Honolulu wearing dark sunglasses and listening to the theme song of the TV sow Magnum P.I.
    102. Cruise the mean streets of Honolulu listening to the theme song of Hawaii Five-0. Again, you must be wearing already-mentioned dark sunglasses.
    103. Hit Hawaii’s sunset strip and take in a Don-Ho cover band show — urge the singer to perform Tiny Bubbles many times.
    104. Bring a lunch to one of your co-workers who has dark hair the week before you leave.
    105. When you are in Hawaii send daily e-mail’s to your co-workers asking them what the weather is like in Ottawa — I would so do that.

    As for your question about jealousy, yes. My entire body is now green.

  2. Jess said,

    Can I come too? I only ask for a straw as a breathing hole! bahaha

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